Everyone loves and admires to have a luxurious head full of hair. Hair loss affects both men and women though it is mainly associated with men. Losing about 50 to 150 hairs on a daily basis is considered to be normal, but it becomes a problem when one loss more hair than the acceptable values.

There are various vitamins and foods which are essential for the growth of your hair. There are also other natural remedies for hair loss such as the rosemary essential oil. They have been proven to be effective by giving good results when compared to the conventional topical products.
Let us now have a look t the top natural remedies for hair loss.

Foods to eatpumpkins

Whole foods and a nutrient-rich diet are essential in supporting the growth of a healthy hair. There are various food choices which help in fending off the loss of hair. These foods include the following.

  • Pumpkin seeds-These seeds are rich in zinc which is needed for the growth of healthy hair. Deficiency of zinc is associated with hair loss and hypothyroidism.
  • Organic foods-These are chemical free foods. Chemicals disrupt the endocrine hormone this interfering with the growth of your hair.
  • Green tea-this promotes detoxification, and it also contains antioxidants which promote the growth of hair. It also plays a crucial role in inhibiting the conversion of the testosterone hormone into DHT.
  • Bone broth-This food is rich in proteins, amino acids, and collagen. These nutrients and compounds encourage hair growth.
  • Wild-caught fish-Some fish species like salmon contains high amount ofomega-3 fats. These fats help in decreasing inflammation. They also support hair thickening and growth.

Foods to avoidsweets

You are advised to avoid consuming the following foods:

  • Sugar-Sugars cause an imbalance of the body hormones. It also contributes to insulin resistance as well as increasing DTH which causes inflammation which in turn leas to loss of hair.
  • Trans fatty acids-These are unhealthy fatty acids which are known for increasing inflammation and the production of DHT of which contributes to hair loss. You should, therefore, stay away from the hydrogenated oils such as soybean and corn oil which have a high content of trans fats.
  • Processed foods-Highly processed foods are loaded with unhealthy sugar, fats, and sodium. All these are counterproductive to the growth of a health hair.
  • Caffeine- organic coffee is beneficial to the body when taken in small amounts. However, too much of it leads to dehydration, production of DHT and hormonal imbalances.